Veterinary Services

Pet Ultrasonography and Echocardiograms in
Smithville, TN

A non-invasive way to examine several human organs, including the liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, and intestinal system, is with ultrasound. It can be used for a variety of things, including cystocentesis, bladder examinations, and collecting urine samples using sterile syringes. A doctor can do an echocardiography using ultrasound to examine the function of the heart. We regularly use the ultrasound machine to assist clients in learning more about their dogs.

Veterinary ultrasonography is a useful tool for inspecting internal organs. Abnormalities in the abdominal and cardiac organs can both be found, and they also aid in the detection of any cysts and tumours that may be present. X-rays are frequently combined with ultrasounds because they can reveal the size, shape, and location of the organ. Because they enable for real-time monitoring, ultrasounds are used to diagnose pregnancies and monitor growth.

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